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Face-to-Face Customer
Service & Sales Improvement


"It's not about the actions you are taking... it's the impact you are having that is important to your customers."


Customer Service & Sales
Training & Keynotes for:

Dennis L. Rosen, Ph.D.

The WinFluence® Expert

on Customer Service Excellence and Sales Improvement

Dennis L. Rosen provides keynotes and training on customer service excellence and sales improvement.

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Give Your Team New Tools to 

Improve Service & Sales

Dennis' training and motivational keynotes on Upside-Down Customer Service™ and Mental-Rental™ Sales Techniques build service and sales improvement from the foundation up. Emphasis is on face-to-face customer interaction that produces the desired impact through an understanding of customer needs.


Dennis shows how to have the impact you want based on his unique WinFluence® (win-through-influence) philosophy.  All of this is comes from his background in industry and academe (including a Ph.D in consumer psychology). 


Ready to win with new ideas of real value presented with an entertaining style?  Contact The WinFluence® Expert on face-to-face customer interaction... Dennis L. Rosen.


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