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Dennis L. Rosen provides keynotes and training on customer service excellence and sales improvement.

"Please consider my learning materials to help your team with their service and sales effectiveness."

Dennis L. Rosen, Ph.D

The WinFluence® Expert

on Customer Service Excellence and Sales Improvement

Tools to Create Devoted Customers and Improve Your Sales Effectiveness


WinFluence® Products

For Customer Service Excellence & Sales Improvement



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This is HOW to Really WOW Your Customers!

In this book, Dennis explains his 26 WinFluence® secrets to create "customer devotion leading to customer promotion" — actions you can use right now to help bring customers back and increase sales.  Dennis presents a unique view of customer service, and his entertaining style makes this a fun read. (200 pages)

How to Control Customers' Thoughts to Improve Sales

In this MP3 audio, Dennis explains the thoughts customers have during your sales presentation, how to control those thoughts to get down defensive shields and how to probe to find out true concerns.  Also on the disk is a complete PDF transcript and two-page summary sheet of important points.  (Running time: 69:58)

An Entertaining DVD of Service Stores and Examples Recorded Live!

In this DVD of Dennis' keynote presentation, he explains why customer service is a lot more than just common sense and how little things can turn good service into great service.  This is a fun-filled but practical presentation on service improvement  (Running time: 57:07)

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