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"Get my Mental-Rental™ techniques to lower barriers - change customer attitude - improve sales success."

Dennis L. Rosen provides keynotes and training on customer service excellence and sales improvement.

Dennis L. Rosen, Ph.D

The WinFluence® Expert

on Customer Service Excellence and Sales Improvement

Sales Skills Training for Sales Pros


Dennis explains how to place information into the customer’s mind and change attitude to improve sales. And he provides specific probing techniques to help “read the customer’s mind” and adapt sales presentations.

As a result, participants will have a set of tools to lower customers’ defensive shields, change attitude and improve face-to-face and phone sales response.

Keynote overview and detailed training available.

Go inside the customer's mind to find out what's really taking place as you make your sales presentation.

Through this presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the four kinds of MindSpeak™ customers develop and how to use them to improve sales success. 

  • Discover the five components that make up customer attitude and affect decisions

  • Be shown probing techniques to get to true needs/issues.

  • Walk away motivated with new tools to improve sales.

Sales Techniques

Instant Sales Rapport

Develop rapport faster through use of WinFluence® techniques to improve likability and trust.

Successful sales people know that they must sell themselves before they can sell their products.

Selling oneself involves developing rapport with the customer. 

This program covers specific ways to quickly build trust and rapport and improve face-to-face and phone sales success. Participants will:

  • Discover the three critical variables for building trust quickly.

Keynote overview and detailed training available.

  • Be shown four principles for building rapport.

  • Be shown four customer personality styles and how to adapt.

Special Programs to Meet Your Needs

Do you have a particular face-to-face or phone sales issue?  The WinFluence® Expert can help.

Maybe you need to overcome price objections.  Maybe you are having problems with acceptance of a new product. Or perhaps you are concerned about the effects of competitive presentations on your customers.

Dennis will work with you to design strategies/programs for your sales force based on WinFluence® techniques of attitude formation and change that help overcome barriers to sales.

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