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"Let me help you provide a memorable and valuable event for your team that is tailored to their needs."

Dennis L. Rosen provides keynotes and training on customer service excellence and sales improvement.

Dennis L. Rosen, Ph.D

The WinFluence® Expert

on Customer Service Excellence and Sales Improvement

Why Dennis For Service & Sales Improvement?

Valued Content
Unique Background
Entertaining Style

Dennis is "The WinFluence® Expert" on face-to-face and phone-based customer interaction for service excellence and sales improvement.

Many speakers present on customer service, sales and marketing.  Only Dennis presents on Customer WinFluence® to improve face-to-face and over-the-phone interaction.

Your team will find out how to WinFluence® customer perceptions and:

  • How to provide winning customer service.

  • How to win more sales.

  • How to win customer devotion that leads to customer promotion.

More than a set of stories or examples, Dennis delivers new ideas to participants that can help improve their customer service and sales effectiveness during interactions.

With his unique background, Dennis takes the mystery out of important principles for improving face-to-face and over-the-phone customer service and sales.  He provides both entertaining style and valued content.

Valued Content that Makes a Difference

Entertaining Style— Dennis Meets Your Goals

Dennis' style is high energy and fun to keep participants involved while meeting your specific goals.

Just check out these video examples to see how Dennis integrates his information with a style that wins over the audience (after all, he is "The WinFluence® Expert").

Whether you are an event planner, sales or marketing director, holding a large conference or a kick-off for your team, Dennis will work with you to get the results you want:

  • Keynote, breakout or training.

  • All presentations are customized.

  • Addressing specific issues participants face.

Never a prima donna.  The only special requests Dennis will make are those needed to enhance the participants' experiences and accomplish your goals.

If you want a winning event with winning content and style, look no further than "The WinFluence® Expert" on customer interaction — Dr. Dennis Rosen.

  • Choose more content or more entertainment.

Unique Background Means Great Information

With both an industry and academic background, Dennis provides a new perspective.

His unique combination of academic and industry insight is rarely matched.

  • Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology.

  • Award-winning former marketing professor with publications in national journals.

With his unique background, Dennis takes the mystery out of important principles for improving face-to-face or phone-based customer service and sales.  He provides both entertaining style and valued content.

  • Has provided industry training and consulting for over 20 years for such firms as Hallmark Cards, American Century Investments, Verizon Information Service and Dex Media.

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